...To know the heart of God and respond


We believe every person has a unique calling and purpose in life. God has made you like no one else - and no one else can accomplish what you can. The church is the hope of the world not only for salvation - but for a life of purpose & passion. A church is a collective group of people, all different, all at different points on their spiritual journey called into the
life of Jesus Christ to love and shape one another and the world. We believe you have a dream planted in you by God and that God is calling you - as a part of a local church - to take steps of faith so that He can bring that dream to pass. That calling will most likely be bigger than you can understand and go well beyond your own natural abilities. It will have to be Jesus working in you and others with great power to bring it all to pass.
Parklands is a Pentecostal Christian church and part of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) and is committed to God, to people in the church, to our local community and to the world. Jesus, after he conquered sin and death, instructed those who had been with him to make disciples of one another. The word disciple basically means follower. We believe this simply means that a person would be able to hear or discern what God - their creator and saviour - is saying to them and be able to respond to Him. Listening and responding to God is an exciting, fulfilling, radical and empowering life to live - if we never get to personally meet you we hope that this small blurb on a website you may have randomly dropped by, encourages you on your journey with Christ.

God bless.

Mike & Paula


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